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My Current Beauty Lust List

Today I thought I'd do something a bit different and share with you all my current beauty wishlist! I love the idea of having a few luxury items in my collection but as a young adult still living with a student budget there's no way I can reasonably afford them at this point in my life. So, for now, I'll just be lusting over these pieces until I can afford them one day in the future

Life Update- November 2018

Hey you!

So today I thought I would do another mini life update to let you all know what stage I'm at in my covers journey. It's been a bit of a hectic couple of months, both with highs and lows, hence why this update is a little later than usual. However, there has been a load of positive changes and while I'm not completely back to normal yet, I'm definitely getting there.

So the last time I spoke about my health on my blog was back in July when I had just got back from my holiday. As I'm sure you all know it was a super hard time for me and I was basically bed bound, having frequent panic attacks and basically just so unlike the woman I wanted to be. Fast forward to now and I'm so pleased to say that things are better! I'm no longer bed bound (I don't think I've ever appreciated walking more) and I can get out and about every single day if I want to. This probably sounds so mundane to all of you but for me it is such a big step and has honestly made the world of difference to my mood. I think I just got to the point where I didn't want to give into my chronic illnesses any more. If I woke up and I was in a lot of pain then I would basically call it a day as I didn't think there was any way I would be able to get out and about with the amount of pain I was in. Over the last couple of months I've really been proactive and if I wake up and my legs hurt, I'll go out for a gentle stroll with Jasper or I'll do jobs around the house- I like to stay in my safe place which is home if my legs are really bad but I make sure to move my body as much as I can. By doing this and going through grief counselling (more on that later), I've been able to get out and about SO much more and while the idea of walking into, around and back from town still daunts me a little bit, it's something I know I can do when my mental health has improved a little bit which is amazing- I don't feel trapped anymore! I've also been going to physio to help get back the strength I lost in my legs while I was bed-bound. As I've discovered, I'm not the biggest fan of doing weird exercises in front of people but the ladies I've been seeing have been so lovely and I've now only got a few sessions left as my strength really is coming back now (it feels ironic to say this as I'm currently lying in bed which achey legs but healing isn't linear!).

spending time walking my favourite boy has been such a blessing

Relationships and Friendships Q&A

Hello you lovely lot! Sorry I haven't been up to scratch with my blogging routine at the moment, it's just been quite a tiring few weeks and I've needed to focus on myself, my health and my family before worrying about blogging too!

Today I've decided to do another Q&A, this time all about relationships and friendships. I always like to have a specific topic to focus on so I can share as much advice about it as I can, rather than dabbling in a few topics and not really giving any good quality advice (not that you'll think this is good quality advice but I can give it a go)

These questions have come in from the lovely gals over on Instagram and Twitter (they're the best) and include everything from Will and I to friendship heartbreak so here we go...

Q. "How did your relationship start?"

So, Will and I met at school in sixth form- I had moved to Alcester Grammar School from Stratford-upon-Avon School and Will had moved from KES (those of you in the area will know what I mean), but basically he moved from an all-boys school. We first saw each other on the school bus we both took home- I was sat next to one of my best friends after our second day at school and I just remember Will sitting near us and staring- we thought he was a bit of a weirdo to be honest haha. Then I properly met him in class a few days later as we were in the same Psychology class and he seemed like an alright guy. I sat near him and next to one of his friends at the time so I ended up chatting to him in little bits throughout the week. My friend from before also got to know him and we ended up all sitting on the bus together and walking home every night as he lived a couple of streets away. Fast forward to the middle of our last year at school, I had a major crush on him but just assumed it would never happen as we were going to be leaving school soon. By this point Will had learnt to drive and was giving me and my friend lifts to and from school everyday so I got to know him a lot better and finallyyyy on the last week of school we admitted to liking each other (I had NO idea!), but not through words, just by being super flirty with each other and him asking me to prom via text (typical). So from then we've been together ever since- I've known him for four and a bit years and we've been dating for around two and a half!

the fab bus trio x

Positive Quotes: are they all saying the right message?

Hey lovelies! I'm so sorry I haven't posted for so long but you know when you keep meaning to do something and then life gets in the way? Yeah, that happened. I had this idea for this blogpost just the other day when I was looking at positive quotes on Pinterest and Instagram and it struck me- I got a little annoyed at a couple of ones that I was seeing which lead me to think- are all positive quotes portraying the right message if we're struggling with something?


Ever since I was little I've been around the stigma that 'medicine is bad' and that you should only take it if you really need it- this applied to colds, headaches and all the other little illnesses we get from time to time but recently I've started to reevaluate this way of thinking. 

When you Google medicine what comes up (after some rather lovely songs) is the definition which is, according to Google: 'the science and practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Medicine encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness' and that's exactly what it's used for- to make us feel less crap. So to me, this whole proud way of thinking that we should only take meds when we really need them is a bit silly. Meds are there to prevent and treat illnesses and I think its a bit obnoxious of us all to assume we can get rid of these illnesses by ourselves. Sure, a headache could go away with a good few pints of hydration, but I'm talking about illnesses and conditions that can really be detrimental to our quality of day to day life, things like anxiety, depression and lots of other mental health issues.

what my mornings look like!

My University Experience

Hey everyone and happy monday! (Isn't that just the most cliche blogger intro ever? whoops) Today I'm a little nervous as I'm going to be sharing the details of something I haven't really spoken about before- my university experience. For those of you who don't know, I went to the University of York to study Psychology in 2016, had to re-do first year in 2017 but eventually dropped out in January 2018. This was all because of my anxiety stemming from mum (not that I knew it stemmed from her at the time).

So, a brief overview of what happened and then i'll tell you about the ins and outs later on. September 2016, I had just finished my A-Levels after a hugeee amount of stress and anxiety around them and although I didn't quite get the results I wanted or were predicted, I was happy enough as it got me into my first choice uni. So off I popped to York where my anxiety got steadily worse until it came to a head whilst I was in Florida during the Easter holidays. I became a danger to myself and had panic attacks around five to ten times a day and my mental wellbeing was just so unstable I had to drop out, party down to me being unwell, but also partly because I was so behind in my work there was no way on earth I would be able to catch up on all the work before my exams and the extra pressure just wasn't work it. I got in contact with my deputy head of department and went to go speak to her and I was so thankful because she said that she would try and get the exam board to let me re-take the year, something that isn't really done at York. I got a confirmation a month or two later that I could repeat the tear and after a summer on working on my mental health and seeing therapists, counsellors and doctors I thought I was finally ready to tackle university head-on. However, my anxiety got worse again and I also developed depression and honestly I don't think I've ever felt as low as I did when I was sat in my room by myself. I tried to persevere but realised right at the end of the Christmas holidays that making myself ill really wasn't worth it.

Now for a bit more of an explanation. So during my A-Levels my anxiety was so bad I had to stay home from school around a third of the time, found lessons really hard unless the teacher was completely understanding and I just found every day a struggle. Thanks to my AMAZING friends I got through it but it wasn't pretty or easy so I was so relieved when the exams were finally over. To me, getting into York was a miracle and I just remember sitting on the sofa with my Dad and sister on results day, looking at my laptop that said I had got in and just crying because we were so happy! I had only just really got into a proper relationship with Will and although he was going to Aberystwyth I wasn't really thinking about it and just enjoyed the summer. Come September, my anxiety had become a little bit worse but everyone just said it was the 'university nerves' so I just carried on and I wasn't even tooo upset when dad left after dropping me off which was a good sign to me. I remember meeting all my flat in the kitchen and us all being super awkward as we didn't know what to say but it all seemed really positive at the time.

Then came the fresher nights and oh my did my anxiety get bad. At the time I had really bad emetophobia (the fear of being sick or seeing someone else be sick- for me it was both) and of course when people drink too much, they can get ill quite quickly. Because of this I didn't really go out too much and just preferred staying in my 'safe zone' which was my room, but as you can imagine, it was pretty lonely hearing everyone outside having a good time. Being me though, I just tried to look on the bright side, was happy my new flatmates were having a good time and just tried to make the most out of the daytime events going on.

Dinner by the Seaside

Hello you lovely lot! Today I'm going to be doing my first ever fashion blog post featuring me- eeeee I'm nervous! After having the loveliest comments and surrport from the gals on instagram, I decided to do a blog post on the outfit I wore on the last night of Padstow. Fun fact, Will and I were going to go out to dinner but were too full from lunch so went to SPAR, got a few bits and ate dinner on the sofa in pyjamas with wine after an outfit shoot- still dinner by the seaside right?! Haha

I'm honestly not sure how to pan this one out, but I think it will be more photo based and then I'll just explain where bits and pieces are from at the end. So, here goes...

5 Bad Habits to Break (inspired by Emma Kate Hall)

Hey lovelies! This post is fully inspired by the lovely Emma Hall (known as Emma Kate Hall here in the blogging community- go check her out, she's fab). I've been a big lover of Emma's genuine interest and passion of self-improvement for a while now and she inspires me to become a better version of myself. So, I thought I'd take a leaf out of her book and do the '5 Bad Habits You Need to Break' blog post to help encourage me to actually break them as well as hopefully inspiring some of you lovelies to become the best version of yourself.

5 things: The Making of Harry Potter, Seeing Old Friends and a Mindset Change

I'm coming to you on this lovely (although rather dreary and rainy) Sunday with something a bit different. I've seen a 'trend' floating around the blogging world of '5 things'. These five things can be things that have gone on in your life at the moment, five things you're enjoying lately, five things that inspire you or just all of these ideas rolled into one. I'm going to be (hopefully!) doing this every month or so, to act as a little life update- similar to those who vlog on YouTube but in written form.

So, onto numero uno...


On the 19th August, me, Dad, Will, Carolyn (my dad's cousin who is fab) Steph and her boyfriend (also called Will) popped off to experience The Making of Harry Potter. As big Harry Potter fans (minus my Will, but I'm definitely getting him into it!) most of us had been before but this time it had loads of extra bits and bobs which were super exciting to explore- the forbidden forest and the Hogwarts Express were a couple of my favourites. For those of you who aren't HP fans this won't be exciting at all but for those of you who are, check down below to see some photos from the day...

How my Mum's Illness Turned me to Faith

Hello you lovely bunch, today is a post I've been wanting to write for ages but have always been a bit nervous to, since I don't want to seem like a 'bible basher' who is trying to force religion onto people. I'm just going to gently talk to you all about how I came to be a Christian and how faith has influenced my life so far.